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  • Lisa Harp appointed President of ARRI Rental US Camera
  • Creation of new role reflects ARRI Rental’s continuing growth in North American market
  • Exclusive ARRI Rental technologies capturing the imagination of major US studios and filmmakers
  • (November 10th 2017, Los Angeles) – the global ARRI Rental Group announced today that Lisa Harp has joined its United States operation as President of ARRI Rental US Camera.

    With more than 25 years of industry experience behind her, Harp served as Vice President and General Manager at Panavision Hollywood prior to joining ARRI Rental. She is exceptionally well connected within the Hollywood filmmaking community. ARRI Rental provides camera, lighting and grip equipment across North America, and Harp will be focusing on the camera business, which includes the exclusive ALEXA 65 large-format camera system and also ARRI Rental’s evolving program of in-house lens development.

    Based out of the Los Angeles office, Harp will be responsible for overseeing all camera rental operations in North America, developing new opportunities, building relationships and ensuring a coordinated business across the group’s various facilities in the region.

    The creation of this completely new role reflects ARRI Rental’s expansion in the North American market, with boutique offices recently opening in Los Angeles and Vancouver, and another coming soon in Brooklyn. It also reflects the growing interest among top US studios and filmmakers in ARRI Rental’s proprietary technologies. Recent or upcoming movies to have been shot with ALEXA 65 cameras and lenses exclusive to ARRI Rental are Thor: Ragnarok, War for the Planet of the Apes, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

    Harp comments, “I am excited for the challenge ahead and to be working for a company that values so many things beyond the bottom line. It is clear that ARRI Rental has an amazingly talented team, so I am looking forward to working as part of it. The North American market offers a lot of opportunities and ARRI Rental is well positioned to capitalize on them, with its unique technology offerings, long-term vision and people-driven service philosophy.”

    ARRI Rental Group CEO Martin Cayzer says, “Lisa has a track record that demonstrates her remarkable talent and leadership skills in our industry, and I look forward to working with her as we grow and expand our business in North America.”

    Ashley Hill

    Lisa Harp

    For further information, please contact:

    Brigitte Wehner