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  • Vice President Ed Stamm has been appointed to run ARRI Rental’s new state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta
  • Craig Chartier takes over ARRI Rental Miami as General Manager
  • (November 3rd, 2014) – ARRI Rental, a leading provider of camera, grip and lighting equipment to the feature film, television, advertising, broadcast and events markets, is pleased to announce that Ed Stamm will oversee the new state-of-the-art ARRI Rental office in Atlanta. Besides promoting the ALEXA 65 system exclusively available at ARRI Rental, Stamm will ensure that the company’s extensive inventory of digital, film, anamorphic and spherical camera equipment is available to this vibrant production community. Craig Chartier will fill Ed Stamm’s previous position, taking over ARRI Rental Miami as General Manager. Chartier will focus on strengthening ARRI Rental’s strategy and operations, as well as growing the business in Florida and the South American market.

    Ed Stamm’s extensive experience spans 35 years in the professional production equipment rental business. After his graduation in film production at the Columbia College Chicago, Stamm served as Rental Manager for Victor Duncan (VDI), a film camera and lighting rental house in Dallas, Texas. In 1986 Stamm pushed ahead with the expansion of VDI and opened a new facility in Atlanta as General Manager. Following Panavision’s acquisition of VDI in 1997, he later transferred to the Orlando office, and in 2002 was hired by ARRI CSC to open a rental subsidiary in Florida. He was promoted to Vice President in 2012.

    Craig Chartier brings over 22 years of experience in the motion picture and broadcast television production industry to the table. Chartier joined GEAR, a subsidiary of 501 Group in Austin, Texas as Operations Manager in 1992 after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television and Film. In 1995 he became Vice President of Production Services and remained at GEAR until 2011. Craig Chartier has been an adjunct professor teaching Cinematic Lighting Techniques and Theory at Texas State University in San Marcos. Before joining ARRI Rental he was a contributing author for and a Consultant for Precision Camera & Video.

    Ed Stamm

    Ed can be reached at +1 678 248 5432 or via email at
    Ed Stamm

    Craig Charier

    Chris can be reached at +1 954 322 4545 or via email at Craig Chartier

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