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Technical Data

Optical System
Soft Diffusion Panel
12 kg /26.5 lbs. (13 kg /28.7 lbs. Pole Op Version)
Power Supply Range
90 - 250 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption
420 W Nominal, 450 W Maximum
Color Temperature Tolerance
+/- 100 K (nominal), +/- 1/8 Green-Magenta (nominal)
Color Rendition
CRI Average > 95
TLCI Average > 90


Two models: S60 (available now) and smaller S30 (available soon)
Fully tunable and remote phosphor versions
Tremendous light output
Soft, clean shadows
Outstanding color rendition
Interchangeable diffusion panels
Large aperture for smooth, even light
On-board battery input for portable operation


Data Sheet

The new ARRI SkyPanel is an exceptionally versatile LED soft light - compact, fully tuneable and delivering light of unsurpassed power and quality.

Because different application areas call for different lighting needs, SkyPanel has been designed as a series of fixtures. The S60 is a mid-range model, featuring a light aperture of 645mm x 300mm and accommodating the vast majority of application. It is now available at ARRI Rental. The smaller, more portable S30 will follow soon.

Familiar but Revolutionary. Easy to use.

The SkyPanel user interface is designed to be incredibly easy to use, but also to make a wide range of controls available to the user, all at the same time. With three simple knobs, the color temperature, green/magenta point, intensity, hue and saturation can be adjusted instantly. People who have never used the light before find the interface effective and intuitive. In addition to the on-board controls, all functions can be remotely adjusted via DMX or LAN network connections.

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For further information and availability, please contact:

New Jersey
Glenn Vanderlinden
Hardwrick Johnson