Studio Fresnel 150W - 2K
  150W ARRI Studio Fresnel
200W Mole-Richardson Inky
300W ARRI Spot
300W Mole-Richardson Betweenie
650W ARRI Tweenie
650W Mole-Richardson Tweenie
650W LTM Tweenie Pepper
750W Mole-Richardson Baby
2K Mole-Richardson Junior
2K Mole-Richardson 8" Junior
Snoot 150-750W
Snoot 2K
Gel Frame
Includes: Barndoor - Scrim Set
100W Pepper Light Kit
Includes: 4 Lights, Barndoor Scrims, Snoots and Bulbs (Q100 SL), Case

For further information and availability, please contact:

New Jersey
Chris Scott
Hardwrick Johnson